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In what will the new space within Multiple Foods consist? How are you going to integrate the Olive Oil Bar?
Multiple Foods is the hall dedicated to new gastronomic trends, as well as special, functional, fresh and gourmet products. In addition to Olive Oil, visitors will find Canned products, Snacks, Biscuits & Confectionary, Mediterranean Foods, Healthy Foods and Fine Foods; to which we must add the Premium Area and the Olive Oil Bar. The latter remains a strategic pillar of the olive sector in Alimentaria and gathers more than a hundred of the most exquisite extra virgin olive oils produced in our country. National and international buyers, representatives of the specialized distribution, retailers, chefs and HoReCa professionals will be able to learn and taste this Prmium EVOOs. A very successful project that we will continue to drive.

The presence of olive oil in the various pavilions of the fair is very significant. Are you planning the integration of all these exhibitors in one single space?
Our focus now is that all olive oil companies can be exposing where they feel more comfortable, defining their participation either by channel, by product or market trend. At Alimentaria 2016, olive oil companies can participate in Multiple Foods and its various sections: Mediterranean Foods (its more natural area), Healthy Foods, Fine Foods, the International Pavilions or Lands of Spain, according to their origin. As always, those companies that feel institutionally represented by their autonomous region may continue to do so. This is to provide the maximum possible number of options.

How do you think exhibitors will react to the new structure of the halls?
We are convinced that this new structure we have agreed with the Organizing Committee for Alimentario in line with industry trends and market, is a success in its reformulation and the opportunities it creates for both exhibitors and visitors. Reactions will be, as we are noting, excellent.

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