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Director of Alimentaria J. Antoni Valls explains the reasons why Olivaria will be integrated into Multiple Foods.

Why have you decided to reduce the number of halls in Alimentaria from 14 to 5 in the next edition?
We are not facing a reduction, it is rather more a reconceptualization and reorganization of the exhibition’s offer which aims to increase the participation opportunities for exhibitors based on their strategic positioning in the canal and towards new axles and consumer trends. We also seek to facilitate to the maximum the visit of professionals and reproduce with greater accuracy the actual structure of the market, promoting new concepts and trends. Additionally, with this strategic commitment of exhibition reformulation Ailmentaria pretends to strengthen its areas of internationalization and strategic positioning in gastronomy, catering and hospitality.

Olivaria has already been criticized in the past in relation to the low visibility of the hall… How do you think that this new location will affect the exhibiting companies?
In several editions, the olive sector companies made us their request to participate in other halls in addition to Olivaria to show and promote its each time more diversified portfolio made of proposals beyond olive oil products. It was a constant demand of the sector to be part of a more heterogeneous and diverse space. Now this desire is fulfilled in the great hall we call Multiple Foods which will enhance undoubtedly more visibility opportunities, expansion and growth of the olive sector in Alimentaria.

Companies will be able to participate in a hall with a wide range of different products that will allow them to highlight their brand values ​​and attributes, as well as interact and multiply synergies with other companies and related sectors. We musn’t forget that the new formulation of Alimentaria also reflects the desire to streamline the visit of buyers, facilitating the localization of products and generating therefore more business opportunities.

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