"Med Mag Oliva 2013" 09th to 12th June - Sousse - Tunisia

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International Fair of the Olive Oil, Olive and Other Derivatives of the Olive Tree

The 2nd edition of the International exhibition of the Olive, the Olive oil and other derivatives of Olive tree “Med Mag Oliva 2013” will be held from 09th to 12th June 2013 at the International Fair of Sousse – Tunisia.

Under the theme: “for the quantitative and qualitative improvement of olive oil production”, this 2nd edition will be a continuity, not only to make of Tunisia the major leader of the olive sector , but also a destination for several highly olive oil professionals worldwide.
However the potential of olive production in Tunisia is not being proved. With 70 millions of olive trees, it is the 4th biggest producer in the world, the 2nd one after the European Union, and the 1st one of the southern of the Mediterranean.

It’s a well time for Tunisia to have its international exhibition. This professional event is not only reserved to exchange knowledge but also to share it. It ensures the technological overhangs which will allow estimating the levels of companies and their complementary. This event will be also an opportunity to perceive the professionals who are interested in this sector and who will be invited to have meetings B to B.

Sir Philippe Juglar, an international expert; is a well knowledged person of the international as well as the Tunisian olive oil sector. For this reason he was be the Commissioner of this international exhibition. He declared: ” there is an ignored reality: Tunisia is the well actor especially in organic Olive oil. Thanks to its pedo climatic conditions, a big part of the Olive production is naturally ORGANIC. More than that in a perspective development, the Tunisian olive production participates in the binding of the desert and makes live for more than a million Tunisians “.

To Concern always the olive oil sector in Tunisia, Mr Juglar adds; «the slow work of the producers begins, little by little, interesting fruits for Tunisia. Not only in the value, but also in the image by demonstrating the capacity of modern Tunisia to make its holdings fruits. It is a good conciliation of the past and of the present for the benefit of a wonderful future for the Tunisian children! ”

Med Mag Oliva draws the future objective to become one of the crossroads of the olive production sector in the world. It is an incredible opportunity for all the economic operators of the olive oil sector, as well as an affair of each of us to protect our ancestral holdings.
«for each one its source of oil, our source it is Olive tree.”

Samir Gani
Exhibition Director
Med Mag Oliva

For each other information please contact us in:
Phone: +216 74 419 415 / fax: +216 74 419 419 / Mob: +216 24 961 633
Mail: medmagoliva@yahoo.fr

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