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The next International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes programme will be held at Hotel Fontecruz Toledo, in Toledo (Spain) on 24th-26th September, where many samples of the world’s best EVOOs will be able to try and participants will have the opportunity to discuss about the current market situation, the health benefits of olive juice and its culinary uses and quality standards.

According to the organizers, Since 2001 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes, which emphasises commercial reality, has held over 40 olive oil tasting programmes in many countries. During this time the three-day programme has evolved into one of the world’s leading independent forums for the commercially important attributes of extra virgin olive oil.

Specifically, during this time, this three-day activity will enable participants to:

  • Taste the wide range of styles and flavour of extra virgin olive oils from many regions around the world;
  • Taste current international award winners from the northern and southern hemispheres;
  • Practice blending skills; Evaluate by comparison the extra virgin olive oil they produce or supply;
  • Discuss market trends in producing and importing countries;
  • Be up to date with current quality standards and the debate around new testing methods; Explore the culinary and health selling points of extra virgin olive oil;
  • Make friends and expand commercial networks worldwide; and Achieve recognition of one’s own tasting ability and knowledge by becoming an Associate Savante or Member of the Register of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes.

The student’s Skills as tasters will also be assessed and participants will take a tour through the classic EVOOs in the different productive olive regions.

View the Tasting Programme here.

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