Tax Reduction In Italy will help Olive Growers

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The latest decision of changing and reducing the IMU (the municipal tax for the real property) which was approved with much trouble and effort by the Italian Government in the last few days, will probably have positive consequences on the next olive harvest, since the tax on real estate has been completely cancelled for agricultural properties…

According Unaprol’s program surveys about last year’s olive oil consumption in Italy, where more than 217 millions liters were sold in 2012, for a value of 850 millions euros.

Extra virgin olive oil accounted for 72 percent of the sales, while the olive oil grade accounted for 13 percent.

The “100% Italian”-labelled extra virgin olive oil accounted for 12 percent of sales.

Organic and PDO extra virgin olive oils performed modestly, slipping from 2011 levels both in value and volume.

Using the QR code, the program tracks over 600 growing groups including about 7,000 olive farms all over Italy whose production line is completely traced.

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