"in Greece they just use the first press extra virgin..." to produce Sapooni

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THE smell of soap as I walk into Jo Baskett’s house is delicious and the location is just the same.

Jo shows me around her tiny workshop that is fit to bursting with soaps of almost every recipe you could think of.

We head outside, overlooking the river Tamar, to talk about the business.

Sapooni means soap in Greek and was an idea formed four years ago.

Before moving into the soap business, Jo and her mother ran the Notter Bridge Inn in the early Nineties.

When Jo’s daughter was born she decided to sell the pub and did various community and voluntary roles in Saltash.

The family then decided they wanted a change of scenery and planned to stay in Cyprus for a year, four years later they returned to Cornwall.

Jo explains: “When we were in Cyprus on holiday I bought a bar of soap and it was disgusting.

“It turned to a mushy mess when it got wet, had no lather and no scent.

“When we moved to Cyprus at a later date I started to make my own soap.

“I used to go to an olive mill a few villages along from where we lived.

The mill owner used to save virgin olive oil for me, in Greece they just use the extra virgin oil – which is the first press, everything else gets thrown away.”

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