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The Mediterranean Diet has a new pole of multi-disciplinary knowledge and expertise, internationally recognized, it is IFMeD – International Foundation of Mediterranean Diet.
Within the complex contemporary reality of increased unsustainable and unhealthy dietary patterns in the world, the Foundation is born in response to the need to have a trans-national scientific guarantor, above local and national interests.

Lluis Serra-Majem, chairman of IFMeD, declared that: “Despite the recognition by the UNESCO of the Mediterranean Diet as an intangible cultural heritage, the adherence to this dietary pattern has been falling down in some Mediterranean countries as a consequence of the economic constraints Europe is facing since 2008”. He affirms that “is therefore essential to enhance the Mediterranean Diet as a healthy and sustainable life style model, adapting it to current socio-economic and cultural changes, as well as preserving and reaffirming it as an intangible cultural heritage of humankind”.

“There is a need for a new interdisciplinary and intercultural rethinking for the revitalization of the Mediterranean Diet – says Sandro Dernini, general secretary of IFMeD -. Therefore, IFMeD can be the ideal international place for promoting this change by acting to reconstruct a sustainable food cultural context for the Med Diet, more suitable to the current times and for all people”.

IFMeD works for the encouragement of international cooperation agreements with other entities, private and public, all over the world, interested in supporting and pursuing the values and benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

“As integral part of the Mediterranean global world, we firmly believe in the creation of IFMeD and in its opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the scientific community and the private sector – asserts Emmanuel Pauze, Executive Director of IFMeD -. Only the coordination and the collaboration between these two poles, always more interconnected, will be able to guarantee to the Mediterranean Diet a primary role for people’s and the environment health, as well as a true international recognition”.

Actually, IFMeD would be also the main actor to organize meeting and synergies dedicated to the Mediterranean food culture. It is active to promote and develop events, research projects, policies, training and initiatives of scientific divulgation and technical cooperation, both on a national and global scale.

Defend the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet
The International Foundation of Mediterranean Diet is managed by a Board of Directors, chaired by Lluis Serra-Majem, professor of Public Health at University of Las Palmas and president of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition, Sandro Dernini, coordinator of the Forum on Mediterranean Food Cultures, as general secretary and Emmanuel Pauze, managing partner of SPRIM, as executive director.

The Foundation will operate through:

The International Council: the operational core dealing with the organization of events at a local, regional and international level as a great opportunity for the whole community to exchange information and values.
The International Scientific Committee: together with the International Council, it gathers the interest and commitment of different academic excellences belonging to different countries. The members of this Committee validate and mark relevant scientific news, inserting them into context of possible innovative applications.
The Executive Committee: created to monitor and discover social trends, scientific researches and markets, the committee works in order to develop innovational activities/contents and to increase the value of the Mediterranean Diet.

IFMeD is strongly proactive to the participation at the main important events dedicated to health and nutrition all over the world.
The Foundation, with its mission, is present today at the 3rd World Congress on Public Health Nutrition at Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (

The Foundation will play a key role in Expo 2015 attending the International Conference MedDietExpo2015 on 14th may at Milan, Italian Pavillon.

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