Hurry to register for the next edition of the TerraOlivo EVOO International Contest

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The first deadline to register for the next edition of the TerraOlivo Extra Virgin Olive Oil International Contest will end on March 31st. According to the statements the organizers of the event to Mercacei, those interested in participating will have a discount before this date, while from April 1st the registration period will continue until May 31st.

Specifically, in the case of the registration before March 31st the cost for each sample will be of 220 euros (compared to the price of 250 euros of the standard registration); while the registration will be free in the case of the design prize (being 40 euros after March 31st).

The organization has pointed out that so far it has beaten a record of foreign samples entered (302 EVOOs without including Israeli juices). “At TerraOlivo, more than 70% of the samples come from abroad, which makes it the most international competition”, they underlined.

The founder and organizer of TerraOlivo, Moshé A. Spak, is confident on reaching the number of samples received the previous year which amounted to 608 juices and has remarked that the contest will have six commissions made up of expert collectors from around the world.

Among the objectives of these awards, held in June in Jerusalem, Spak highlights the promotion of the nutritional benefits of EVOO and its international market and consumption, as well as spreading the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

Terraolivo MIOOC is the most important international Olive Oil competition in the area of the eastern Mediterranean and Asia, It is because of the number of samples growing annually and growing production areas, last edition with more than 629 samples from more than 60 production areas.
Furthermore, it is important for the quality of its international judges, who are the best specialists in Tasting Olive Oil around the world, and key personalities in their origin countries.
Terraolivo is one of five Key Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competitions in the world where your EVOO can not miss the participation, to try to get the Terraolivo Prestige Awards.

We expect your Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


ENGEL 46/13
Persona de contacto: Moshe Spak
Phone: (+972) 543969459

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