Huge Olive Oil Price Drops Today in Buffalo

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Top of the line blended Olive Oils drop to $7.48 per bottle with free shipping.

NY – In my continued search to save you time and money every day, my favorite blended Olive Oil bargains still the Ways to Save spotlight today.

Whether it’s for cooking, dipping, marinating, basting or gifting, today there’s a price drop I want on your radar. You may have seen the very popular Benissimo sell for some very high prices. At the time this article was written it was selling for $10.99 + $8.99 shipping on Amazon (a total of $18.99) per 8.1 FO Bottle.
Today I have found a deal for $29.95 for a Benissimo Gourmet Oil 4 Pack + free shipping. The deal includes:

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