How to make a healthy salad dressing with Olive Oil

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The key to making a healthy salad dressing isn’t hidden in any secret recipe.

The trick is knowing what ingredients make up a healthy salad dressing and the learning to mix those ingredients in a way that treats your personal food preference. Keep in mind you’ll probably need a blender for many of these ingredients.

You might not think tofu has a place when it comes to a healthy salad dressing, but tofu can be the secret ingredient if you want a healthy, creamy dressing. Tofu will give dressing substance like cheeses or mayonnaise would but won’t carry all the calories or fat. Tofu can be mixed with small amounts of low-fat cottage cheese and low-fat flavorful cheese (like blue cheese) for a creamy topping.

This is a staple when it comes to homemade salad dressings, but the fun thing about vinegar is that it can be purchased in a variety of flavors. Raspberry vinegar, for example, can be used with oil (also can be flavored) or low-fat buttermilk to create the base for a light but tasty dressing.

Olive Oil:
Olive Oil is one of those ingredients you have to think carefully about. Oil will add calories, but if you use healthy oil, like extra virgin olive oil, there are health benefits to be had. Healthy oils are one of the staples in the Mediterranean diet, known as the world’s healthiest eating routine. The Mayo Clinic indicates olive oil may help lower cholesterol, improve blood sugar regulation and may improve blood clotting. There are many other natural oils out there; don’t be afraid to experiment.

Lime or lemon juice:
Lime or lemon juice–depending on personal taste–can be used to thin the consistency of dressings, oil-based or creamy. These two juices also add their own acidic flavor to prevent dressing from becoming too sweet.

Herbs and spices:
This is where you can really individualize when it comes to your salad dressing. While there are herbs and spices that seem like staples in dressing: basil, garlic cilantro, pepper, etc., you can use whatever herbs and spices you want.


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