How Olive Oil spilled into London’s kitchens and where to find your bottle of Mediterranean Gold

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You will be able to find the most sought after oils from Greece, Italy, and Spain in these stores, which will include the most exclusive and expensive bottles sold on earth. Harrods sells bottles of the creamy and delicious Manfredi Barbera’s Lorenzo Nº 5 Extra Virgin. This oil is bottled in style and it would be hard for Barbera to come across it anywhere outside of Palermo, however not in London.

Fortnum and Mason in Picadilly offers a varied array of more than 15 different types of oils. Most of which originate from the olives of the south of Spain and have been infused with the flavours of a varsity of nuts and fruits making these oils easily recognisable and exclusive. Osprey has exclusivity over the multi-purpose The One Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is imported from Crete. In Selfridges there is a stimulating selection of oils such as Nudo’s extra virgin with thyme, and Azada’s extra virgin with orange. These stores prove to be very useful for those looking for an inspiring present or a novelty bottle that will oil up your kitchen.

There is a small group of shops in London which are absolutely dedicated to selling olive oil and some of them like to go about it in a very authentic and original way. Embassy Electrical Supplies in Clerkenwell is one of these hidden gems. This olive oil shop that is disguised as a hardware store has in stock a very impressive range of oils from Turkey and Cyprus. Isle of Olive in East London is a shop that brings some of the best flavours of Greece to the UK.

These two shops demonstrate the imperative torrent of Greek Olive Oil in the UK. Last but definitely not least, Londoners should visit The Olive Oil Co. in Borough Market. It seems incredible that right next to the Thames, in the stalls of this market situated by London Bridge there is a superb assortment of oils sourced from specialist producers across Italy. It would be fair to say that London might be the city that makes it the easiest for its citizens to get hold of this elixir. Even for those who may just prefer to get their bottles through the click of a button.

Melbury and Appleton used to be a small store in North London that opened in 2005. The small shop later grew by moving its orders to an online basis whilst clients would collect the goods in store. It now offers one of the most varied selections of oils sourced from Spain and Italy.

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