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Innovation Factors

As in 2012, reduced material costs and energy costs remains the predominant innovation factor in the packaging industry. However, the prominence of sustainability is significantly increasing (key for 48% of respondents), as well as Smart packaging (33.5%) and packaging of convenience (29.8%), ie the one that facilitates product consumption.

Other aspects that grows since 2012 is consumer safety and customization and microsegmentation through niches. On the contrary, ready to sale slightly fades away (speed and ease of product placement on the shelf) as well as the evolution of distribution channels.

Similarly, the Barometer indicates that large areas where innovation is currently focused in packaging are the design, materials, formats and dosing systems.

Regarding consumer trends which have more influence on packaging, 47.1% of respondents consider priority issues sustainability and ecopackaging, followed by ergonomics, practicality and ease of use (43%); while decreasese the importance of low cost products and raises the need to promote craftsmanship and authentic products.

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