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There is a major optimism and positive expectations from companies in the value chain of the packaging sector regarding to their business results in 2015: 7 out of 10 are expecting a higher turnover compared to last year and almost a quarter of companies are forecasting growth of over 10%. This is reflected in the sector barometer, Hispack Packaging Trends, which gathered the views of almost 1,500 company representatives, experts and organizations involved in the packaging world.

Participants in this study promoted by the Hispack of Fira de Barcelona Hall include end product manufacturers, machinery manufacturers, raw material suppliers, designers, representatives of the distribution and commerce, printers, engineers and consultants branding and packaging, and technology centers and logistics operators. Optimal business prospects for 2015 are common in all sectors and only 3% of companies handle lower turnover than in 2014.

The development of demand is the aspect with most impact on the running of the business to 52.3% of companies, followed by innovation and investment in R & D (33.7%); knowledge of trends in end consumer (31.7%); or the application of new technologies (24.5%). Also, contrary to what happened in recent years, funding difficulties or treasury are no longer a major concern, as evidenced by the fact that only 17.9% of the respondents consider a critical point business climate, compared to nearly 40% which showed the same Hispack Barometer three years ago.

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