Greek Workshop on Extra Virgin Olive Oil Production

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Having attended several olive oil tasting workshops in Greece and Italy, the Greek producer finally decided to pass on his passion for extra virgin olive oil to other people interested in this highly nutritious food product.

The olive oil seminars are divided in two cycles. In the first cycle, participants get to learn how to properly cultivate and prune olive trees, while also being acquainted with the procedures of producing prime olive oil and the usual mistakes made in the olive mills.

The second cycle features a description of the procedures for exporting olive oil and a comprehensive analysis of different olive oil packaging, while also tasting several award-winning prime olive oils from Greece, Italy and Spain.

In order to prove that Greece has the ability to produce top quality olive oil if all procedures are followed, Frantzolas recently became involved in the production, packaging and distribution abroad of an organic extra virgin olive oil from Amfissis olives, which are cultivated in the Greek northern region of Pelion.

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