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With 23 awards for Greece completed the international contest Mediterranean International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition Terraolivo 2013 in Israel.

Specifically, in the competition held from 2 to 5 June in Jerusalem the Greek olive oils won one Special Award, 7 Awards Gran Prestige Gold, 11 Prestige Gold and 4 Gold. The competition involved 489 samples from 21 countries.

Special Award for the best Greek olive oil was awarded to Stories of Greek Origins of the Sitia Artion Greek food.

Awards Gran prestige took the following oils:

– Stories of Greek Origins of Artion Greek food,
– Mani Bläuel Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Blauel,
– Gaea-Kritsa of Gaea Products,
– Jordan Natives Olivenöl Extra of Jordan Olivenöl,
– Olea Juice Medium and Olea Juice Robust’s Olea Groves Ltd and
– Moria Elea of ​​Olive Vision.

Prestige Gold Awards received olive oil:
-Elea Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic Gold) of Loutraki Oil
-70 EVDOMINDA of Merblong
-Olea Juice Delicate of Olea Groves
-Olea Juice Superior of Olea Groves
-Moria Elea Monovarietal Manaxi of Olive Vision
-Cretan s of Sino Sila Sprint
-Pelion Olive Farms (Organic) of the Vassilis Frantzolas
-Vassilakis Estate of Vassilakis EMM SA.
-Gaea-DOP Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Gaea Products
-Gaea-PGI Lesvos Vranas Extra Virgin Olive oil of Gaea Products
-Iliada Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Kalamata 500 ml DMAR of Agro.Vi.M.

With Gold prizes were awarded:

-Get Greek Exquisite Tastes Premum of GET Greek Exquisite Taste-SP Karopoulou
-Elea Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Non Organic) of Loutraki Oil
-Elea Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic) of Loutraki Oil
-Klimata Kyklopas (Makris variety) of Olive Mill Kyklopas Argyris Kelidis

Sources: Terraolivo & olivenews

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