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Google’s approach to novel ideas and pioneering thinking is called ‘Solve for X’. The whole concept is that a big problem, no matter its nature, requires a radical solution that can become feasible by using the most state-of-the-art technology available. As Astro Teller comments in a Wired magazine article, “Google X Head on Moonshots: 10X Easier than 10 Percent,” thinking about solving a global problem is not only appropriate for big companies and powerful organizations, but everyone can give it a shot if he can cudgel his brains and think out of the ordinary to come up with the solution. And, contrary to common belief, trying to improve by 10 times instead of only 10 percent is usually easier. This so-called ‘moonshot thinking’ is the very opposite of incremental thinking; instead of slowly carving your way to the solution, focus on the big things and go directly there. Read more at oliveoiltimes

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