Greek olive oil shop opening in Ann Arbor

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Authentic Greek olive oil is coming to Ann Arbor.

Stamatopoulos and Sons Inc. are opening a store that will feature olive oil that has been picked and processed on its family farm in southern Greece.The Stamatopoulos family moved from Greece to Ann Arbor in the 1980s.

The store, to be named later, is expected to open in early September at 869B E. Eisenhower Parkway at the Colonnade Shopping Center. The family already owns the Alpha Coney Island in Jackson and City Limits Diner in Tecumseh.

The family has already been selling its olive oil at farmers markets in the area and now looks to expand with a store where they hope to sell other items from Greece.

“About a year ago, we went to the Pittsfield Farmers Market with our olive oil, and I really didn’t know how to sell the product,” co-owner Grigorios Stamatopoulos said. “But I did have one sale, a chef, and he liked it so much that he said we had to come back the next week.”

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