Greek Olive Oil "agora" participates at Fisch & Feines Exhibition in Germany

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Agora is the first Greek Olive Oil concept store. Agora offers a variety of gourmet Greek delicacies. At agora, we seek out the highest quality foods from all over Greece, provide exceptional culinary experiences and choose traditional ways of producing contemporary products with high nutritional value.

Agora comes to place on your table a product with unmatched nutritional value! We created a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), from Kolymvari, Chania, Crete, a region recognized worldwide and awarded for the quality of the oil it produces.

The rich soil of the area, the appropriate altitude and microclimate conditions are ideal for growing olive trees, with Kolymvari’s groves stretching between Samaria and the Mediterranean Sea.

Agora offers a product with very low acidity, from the famous Koroneiki variety in special packs of 500ml & 5L.

This product features a characteristic rich, fruity and peppery flavor, and meets all quality standards at all stages of production. It is collected in a short time and produced very carefully during the Cretan olive season.

It is produced by cold pressing and at a temperature less than 27°C to maintain unchanged its taste and quality.

The PDO products, such as agora’s olive oil, are certified products with identity and organoleptic characteristics due to the geographical environment of origin. These products bear the name of their region.

Thus, agora’s olive oil indicates its origin: Kolymvari, Chania, Crete. It will appeal to even the most discerning palates!

Our love for these products led us to create a modern-day holistic view of production and marketing of flavors. Follow our olive journey!

Dear friends, We would like to inform that agora participates at Fisch & Feines in Bremen, Germany. You can find us at Olive’s company place, Hall 2 – Stand B-36. You are all welcome!


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