Greece will have a prominent role at the WOOE thanks to Gaea Products

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The organizers of the World Olive Oil Exhibition are happy to announce that Aris Kefalogiannis will be one of the key speakers at our Cycle of Conferences on March 2016. The importance of such a professional is that he is not only a successful entrepreneur who has created Gaea, the main international Greek food and olive oil brand, but he is also an ambassador of the Greek food industry and olive oil sector.

Aris Kefalogiannis managed to lead Gaea in major international markets to the number one Greek brand, gaining numerous international awards for product quality and taste, while Gaea’s extra virgin olive oils are the 1st Carbon Neutral Olive Oils worldwide. Gaea was awarded with the 2013 Import/Export category at the European Business Awards, the 1st Greek company ever to be awarded at this prestigious competition.

GAEA_EVOO_DOP_KALAMATA_greentubeGaea products are exported to 26 countries, including the USA, Germany, the UK, Russia, and Norway.

Aris Kefalogiannis is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Greek Confederation of Olive Oil Industries (SEVITEL) and, it is worth noting that he is also an Olympic champion with the Greek national water polo team, at the Los Angeles Olympics, held in 1984 (ranked 7th place); he also participated in the Moscow (1980) and Seoul (1988) Olympic Games.

During a recent interview in the renowned magazine Olive Oil Times, Kefalogiannis analyzed and reflected upon some of the key features that are setting the critical current situation of his country, Greece, and its businesspeople. “Production and exports have continued without interruption during the financial crisis, even after banks were closed and capital controls imposed, with Gaea introducing a new olive oil and olive pack line in the United States on July 13”.

Kefalogiannis says Gaea is not delaying anything during the crisis: “The target is to keep serving our clients every day; this is the most important thing. As long as we manage to do that, we are aware that we will be healthy and alive as a company. Our emphasis on crisis management is to continue operating and loading our orders”.

Kefalogiannis suggests that “three pillars” could be central to an economic recovery: 1) the Greek diet, 2) tourism, including culinary tourism, and 3) shipping. “No matter how far you look into Greek history, you will see that olive oil dominates our diet. It is the basis of the Mediterranean diet, and all scientists attest to its benefits”. Featuring traditional Greek products, Gaea has been helping to introduce the traditional diet of Greece to the world, both as part of Mediterranean cuisine and in terms of its unique healthy features.

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