Gourmet Spanish Food At Pintxo Pincho is made using only olive oil

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When a restaurant is really nice, you name it twice. That’s exactly what they did at Pintxo Pincho [PINCH-oh PINCH-oh]. Located on Main Street in Woburn, the cozy nook is the brainchild of longtime friends Chef Joaquin Jalan and Jose Pineiro – or Pinchoco and Pepe as they preferred to be called.

The dimly lit dining room is decked out in all things Spanish, including a mural paying homage to Picasso and an octopus the chef painted himself, just outside the kitchen window.

Every meal here should start out with a Spanish pincho, or small bites, which are usually on display in a refrigerated case at the bar. Pinchos are smaller than tapas, served in many restaurants and bars in Spain, where they typically come complimentary with a beverage.

So you can snack on mussels served on a bed of peppers and onions tossed in vinegar, or Spanish olives stuffed with manchego cheese and white anchovies. The nutty Jamon Iberico is sliced straight from the source and is magic in your mouth. But the small bite with the biggest following is the simple but satisfying Pincho de Tortilla.

“Pincho de Tortilla is a very famous dish from Spain,” Chef Pinchoco explained.

“It’s basically potatoes, onions and eggs. Very tasty, moist and full of flavor. This is the best tortilla you can find around,” promised Pepe.

Back in the festive kitchen, they’re cooking up authentic Spanish tapas made by Chef Pinchoco, who always seems to be smiling.

“He’s always laughing. You see him making jokes in the back. Always laughing, and that’s why everyone is so happy in the kitchen,” Pepe said.

In between giggles, they’re making some of the region’s tastiest Spanish eats, like crunchy Patatas Bravas served with a drizzle of spicy aioli, and garlicky chicken that has a fried crispy outside and a tender, juicy middle.

“Pollo al Ajillo is very typical in Spain,” Chef Pinchoco said. “That is just cut up chicken, fried with olive oil and a lot of garlic. The garlic get attached to the meat itself and it’s very flavorful.”

The top tapa to try has to be the Spicy Shrimp. The flavorful dish is made using only olive oil, garlic, shrimp and pepper, and it’s cooked in the clay cassoulet in which it’s served, so it comes to the table screaming hot. The smell is sensational.

“Everyone is like, ‘ooh what’s going on? Let me try this,’” said Pepe. “The combination with the garlic and the pepper and the shrimp and the olive oil is fantastic.”

Other tapas include crispy croquettes stuffed with spicy chorizo or chunks of lobster, and tender lamb chops topped with chimichurri. But it’s the beef tenderloin that explodes with flavor, served over bread with caramelized onions and blue cheese.

“That combination is great. The sweetness of the caramelized onions, the bite of the blue cheese and the tender sirloin is fantastic,” Pepe described.

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