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Some years ago, Italian olive oil scored a big hit in gourmet stores around the world with ts luxury packaging. Its quality was probably no better than that of many Spanish olive oils, but its image swept aside the competition. However, in recent years, Spanish brands have spearheaded a real revolution and today the Spanish range of virgin olive oils is the biggest and best in the world, featuring products to suit every taste and varied, attractive packaging, ready to compete in the most exclusive establishments and restaurants around the world.

2015-04-28_1226A good example of this is Aragem, a high-quality extra virgin olive oil that is made in Cambrils (Tarragona) and consumed in Tokyo. Its bottles, in their unique and stylish ceramic packaging, welcome guests on the tables of chef Carme Ruscalleda’s restaurant in the Japanese capital. Its quality has been vital for winning over Japanese gourmets but its packaging has also played a key role. Fernando Sarasa, manager of the Cooperativa de Cambrils, is convinced: “We have won awards such as Liderpack 2013 and Worldstar 2014, which has given us visibility in the media. We had been recognised for the quality of the oil, but never for the package, and it has given a new boost to sales and has taken the brand closer to people.”

The success story of Aragem started when the cooperative made contact with the graphic design studio Debonatina and commissioned packaging for the Asian and Middle Eastern markets; packaging with a Mediterranean touch that would stand out.


As with many other gourmet products, the brand wanted to make a point of highlighting its origin. According to the FIAB (Spanish Federation of

Food and Drink Industries), exports now account for 25% of the sector’s turnover and the aim is to reach 40% by 2020. Premium food packs communicate the value of genuine local produce. With
these packs, Spanish gourmet foods cross borders to export our most quintessential products and delight foodies around the world Gourmet products put a premium on their origin.

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