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Imagine telling your family that you have just adopted an olive tree in Tuscany…

If you love our beautiful region rich in history, culture, art and gorgeous landscapes, adopting a tree from Italian Azienda Agricola Merlini groves would give a real contribution to the preservation of its landscape.

Act now, adopt an olive tree!

Adopt now one of Azienda Agricola Merlini olive trees and give a concrete contribution to the preservation of Tuscan landscape, forged through the centuries by man’s work!

With your help small companies like Azienda Agricola Merlini will be able to survive and continue their essential work handed down since centuries in order to preserve our precious heritage: a natural jewel, a treasure of knowledge that belongs to us all!!

Would you like to make a truly original gift and offer it to someone special?

Adopting a tree is a fun and easy way to help the environment. It also makes a unique, affordable and (if you wish) long-lasting gift or memorial. It is a special surprise for those who love Tuscany, its nature, culture and flavors: give someone you love a enjoyable piece of the Tuscan heritage, and the opportunity to take care of one of its olive trees!

How much does it cost?

Just € 100.00 per year **


1. You will receive the Olive Oil from your tree: 1.00 liter of extra virgin olive oil produced by Farm, Azienda Agricola Merlini, shipped directly to your home, or the person you chose**. The olives of your plant will be pressed together with the ones of the neighboring trees (it is indeed a family affair!)

2. You will receive the Adoption Certificate. The tree will be tagged with the name of your choice for the adoption year/s, and the name will be stated on the Adoption Certificate together with its GPS coordinates.

3. You will be able to come and see your olive tree when you want and also to participate to the harvest. (We just have one request. Please, let us know in advance – 30 days – that you are coming, so we can organize your visit.)

4. We will email you (or the recipient) pictures and information regarding your olive tree. You will be constantly informed from “bloom to fruits” either by mail or social network.



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