German Foodwatch Finds Half Of Tested EVOO Defective

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Stiftung Warentest laboratory analyses found the origins of five oils falsely declared: four wrongly naming Italy as the source country, one Spain. Seven oils didn’t meet flavor standards, tasting moldy, pricked, rancid and even worm-eaten. Four oils costing from €14.20 to €20 per liter were rated “satisfactory.” The cheapest oil tested cost €5.35.

This German foodwwatch organization is outraged that the federal government refuses to take action, given the huge number of instances whereby “EVOO” has found to be polluted with mineral oil, and believes that the food industry needs to have a zero tolerance policy.

Olive oil is probably the most frequently manipulated agricultural product, commented. It’s almost impossible for consumers to know what’s in the bottle. – Silke Schwartau, nutrition expert at the Hamburg consumer center.

Although shocked and dismayed at their findings, the Stiftung Warentest examiners don’t want people to completely shun olive oil, either. Better supervision and tighter controls would help, said Schwartau.


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