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20130616-201141.jpgGreek olive oil producer company Gaea’s vision to be the absolute leader in the category of Mediterranean Greek cuisine-meze in the international fine foods arena, was vindicated today with Gaea’s triumph in the European Business Awards 2013 in the import-export category, the 1st Greek company to win in this prestigious competition.

The judging committee chose Gaea amongst 15,000 companies from 34 European countries, jointly representing a turnover of 1,2 trillion euro, for its innovation, social responsibility, ethics and values. The award gala event was held a few hours ago in Istanbul, and Gaea’s award came to emphasize the sustainable growth of the company in the international markets.

Within a difficult global economic environment Gaea has managed to become a role model of development in both the Greek and international business communities. In addition, it managed to demonstrate that a Greek company can stand out internationally, by demonstrating strong commitment to business excellence and to the production of high quality products.


Olive oil in Greece, which dates back 4000 years, is globally acknowledged for its purity and exceptional taste. More than 80% of the Greek olive oil is extra virgin, which is the top-ranked classification category in the world. This constitutes Greece as the world’s largest producer of extra virgin olive oil.

Gaea’s extra virgin olive oil’s superior quality is appreciated by the international trade, which is the reason why Gaea’s exports to all markets are constantly increasing at a fast pace.

Moreover, Gaea produces the 1st Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world that have been certified Carbon Neutral!

Derive from the first cold pressing of fresh olives with mechanical means and without any refining process whatsoever, thus being the natural juice of the olive fruit

Crushing and olive oil extraction process is performed at cold temperatures, with the max temperature being 27o C, to maintain its rich, fruity, intense aroma and its distinctive green colour
Gaea has a strict policy of avoiding extracts or additional flavorings

Gaea constantly experiments, bringing traditional and ancient recipes back to life. Gaea’s special series of flavoured olive oils are the result of the natural blending between real herbs and olive oil
Gaea only bottles the best extra virgin olive oils from selected areas of Greece

The DOP / PGI (“Protected Designation of Origin”/ “Protected Geographical Indication”) sign on each bottle certifies not only the origin by also the top quality of the olive oil

For these reasons, Gaea’s olive oils are the most awarded olive oils internationally in recognition of their superior quality and taste.


D.O.P./ P.G.I. Designation – “Protected Designation of Origin”/ “Protected Geographical Indication” is the best certification for the top quality of olive oil.
All DOP / PGI areas are defined and issued by the European Union. This helps promote agricultural products and foods of special value due to the way or place of production.
Each bottle gets a specific number that is fully traceable.
DOP / PGI certifies that the olive oil was produced in a particular area of Greece and is obtained exclusively from a particular variety of olives.

Since antiquity, natural herbs were used to give aroma and flavor to olive oil. Gaea’s flavoured olive oils are the successful result of the natural blending between real herbs and the olive oil. Extra Virgin Olive oil, is 100% naturally blended with fine herbs of Greek nature.

Gaea’s Awards
“Olive Japan 2013” Silver Medal for Gaea Kritsa Extra Virgin Olive Oil
“New York-International Olive Oil Competition 2013” Gaea Kritsa-Fresh and Gaea-Vranas Extra Virgin Olive Oil among the best olive oils in the world
“Product of the Year 2013” in Germany for PGI Hania Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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