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He has been into the business of cooking and food for over 17 years and has traveled around the world. “I look young but I am not that young,” said the Greek chef laughing. “I studied in England as a chef before going to the CIA in the states — it stands for the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), not THE CIA or FBI,” said Berkis, chuckling. He has worked in England, Switzerland, and Dubai for the past five years; in Asia, Singapore, and Hong Kong besides other places.

“I was born and raised in Greece and grew up eating Greek food. The first experience was at home. The first chef school I attended was in Greece before moving to England. The chef training I got in Greece was basically, the fundamentals of the Greek cuisine,” he recalled.

Chef Palisidis is more into desserts. Loucoumades, a special dessert with ingredients such as honey and pollen, is a personal favourite and he got it prepared under personal supervision. It is made with flour which is prepared with water, yeast and sugar. It is then fried in olive oil and separated on a plate.

“You pour honey and pollen on it and it is ready to be served,” said Palisidis. The dessert was indeed very light yet very delicious. Almost every visitor had it fresh out of the pan.

Palisidis said he was a Phd in Diet. “Everybody talks about the oxidants and vitamins. We can find them in as simple food as grapes. They are in the skin of the grapes and in pomegranates and the Greek delicacies which are prepared keeping in mind the balance of all essentials.

Greek food has a lot to do with vitamins. Olive oil, which is necessary for proper functioning of the human body and to keep it healthy is a major part of Greek cuisine, he added.

But how would you make lamb healthy?

“If you take out the fat in the lamb, it is good and you can eat it because the fat on the lamb is easy to see and remove. It is good to eat lamb but you should also eat salad with it. In fact, you should take it every day,” advised the master chef.

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