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On the first night, the table was decorated with Hilopites Pasta with Shrimps & Feta Cheese, Soutzoukakia Smirneika (traditional Smirnean meatballs), Chicken Giouvetsi (Greek baked pasta and meat) and Pilaf (rice cooked in seasoned broth) with Spring onions besides lamb and other delicacies.

Salads, buns and dinner rolls were just too many to keep an account of. They are all highly recommended by the chef Palisidis, the doctor.

“We have a dish similar to shwarma in Middle East but we call it Gyros. It is chicken but we marinate it with yogurt and garlic which lends to it a slightly different flavour. So there are a lot of fresh products, simple yet very tasty,” chef Bekris told Community.

For the people, who have not tasted Greek food before, the chef recommended “must have dishes” with Greek salad on top.

“Moussaka is a vegetable and beef dish with sauce on top baked in the oven. It is very traditional and classic. And then, there’s the grilled seafood that we have brought from Greece,” suggested the chef.

Because of different types of terrain in Greece; North, South, mainland, islands, there are many different cuisines depending on the area you are in, the chef added.

“However, if I have to put two or three things on the table I would say that mainly, in the islands, we consume a lot of fish and seafood but in the mainland and Northern parts of Greece, we consume a lot of beef and lamb. So these are must haves if you want to try Greek flavours,” said Bekris.

He said they have tried to introduce different parts of Greece every day. First day was mostly mainland with a lot of beef and lamb and less seafood. “But in the coming days, we will try to catch more on the islands of Greece so it will be more light dishes,” the chef added.

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