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BI-CULTURAL PLACE OF WORSHIP Inside the old city walls everything is within walking distance. It’s only a short walk through the narrow streets of the old city to the Cathedral/Mosque, indisputably Cordoba’s main attraction.

The 16th century cathedral is built on top of the Great Mosque of Cordoba, which was erected in the 8th century by the first emir of the city. The mosque is stunningly preserved, a forest of 850 columns of granite and marble connected by arches of red stone and red-and-white brick, typical of Cordoba’s Caliph architecture.

The two structures are so closely interlocked that only a few steps take visitors from one religion into another. From the mosque, head towards the Palacio de Viana. Interesting sights on the way include the Plaza del Potro, mentioned in “Don Quijote”, and the museum of local painter Julio Romero, famous for his realistic portraits of women.

In May, the streets are full of flowers and houses open their patios and decorate them in a 10-day competition, the “Festival of the Patios”. The Palacio de Viana, built in the late 15th century, was the home of the Marques of Viana who was close to King Alfonso XIII.

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