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For the 4rd consecutive year, the Union des Œnologues de France, (Union of French Oenologists) organizes an international competition featuring different olive oils: Les Olivalies®

Relying on the experience of the Technical Centre for Olivier (AFIDOL), the UŒF will highlight the complementarity between cultivating vines and winemaking and cultivating olive trees and the associated products

A jury of five jurors (including 3 foreigners and 2 French) distinguishes two days outstanding olive oils after an olfactory, taste and retronasal analysis.

After this competition, stickers (Olivalies Gold and Silver Olivalies) will be awarded to the winners. These awards are a true means of communication and an add-value to marketing your olive oils.

Reputed for its rigour and experience, the UOEF celebrates the terroirs of the whole world by organizing many international competitions, during which the profession excels itself in its capacity for sensorial analysis


Send your registration form in PARIS until April 4th 2016
Download the application form
– 1 Entry form (1 sample – 1 form, make photocopies if necessary)
– 1 analysis report (per sample presented) within the last year (acidity and peroxyde indice)
Payment form

Send your samples in PARISuntil April 4th 2016
– 3 Labelled bottles per sample
– 1 Pro forma invoice marked “échantillons sans valeur commerciale” (samples not for sale)


Œnologues de France Les Olivalies®
21-23, rue de Croulebarbe
tel : +33 (0)1 58 52 20 20

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