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Aggregate imports into China under headings 15.09 (virgin, refined and blends) and 15.10 (olive pomace oils) recorded strong growth from 2001/02 until 2011/12 (Chart 3), when they peaked at 45 986 t.

But in 2012/13 and 2013/14 imports decreased by 6 pc and 15 pc respectively compared with the immediately preceding crop years.

Analysis of the monthly data (Chart 4) reveals that import volumes were highest in the starting months of the crop year (November, December and January) and then dropped sharply in February. Imports in the first five months ofthe current 2014/15 crop year, i.e. from October 2014 to February 2015 were similar to season-before levels.

When itemized by country of origin, it transpires that 88 pc of imports in 2013/14 came from EU countries. Again Spain was the lead exporter (61 pc of total), with Italy(23 pc) and Greece (4 pc) coming up behind. The remaining 12 pc was imported from Tunisia (4 pc), Turkey (3 pc), Morocco (2 pc) and Australia (2 pc), leaving 1 pc for all the other countries.

Itemization by grade shows that 82 pc of all imports were under customs heading 15.09.10 (virgin olive oils),


Source: International Olive Council Newsletter No 93–April 2015

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