First national laboratory for olive oil testing launched in Lebanon

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The first Lebanese National Laboratory for Olive Oil Testing was inaugurated Thursday in Kfarshima by the Agriculture Ministry, in line with a project funded by the Italian Embassy in Beirut.

“We inaugurate the National Laboratory for testing the Lebanese olive oil, where it will be possible to conduct all kind of tests according to International requirements and standards,” said Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb at the launching ceremony. “The laboratory has been accomplished thanks to the Italian grant.”

“We look forward for more cooperation to support this sector and the olive oil industry that we can proudly say is one of the finest and most competitive product,” the minister added.

Chehayeb and Italian Ambassador to Lebanon Giuseppe Morabito formally inaugurated the laboratory by cutting a ribbon.

The laboratory, the first of its kind in Lebanon, will allow ministry experts to assess and control the quality of Lebanese olive oil. The laboratory was established in part due to a € 1,775, 400 grant donated by the Italian government, which backed several projects aimed to improve Lebanese olives and oil, along with the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari.

“The achievement we are celebrating today is the result of a long-standing commitment of the Italian Cooperation in the Lebanese Agriculture sector,” said Morabito.

“The olive tree is the symbol of peace. I wish this project will bring us hope and peace. Italy will continue to stay in Lebanon in spite all the difficulties,” he said.

The project was implemented by the Agriculture Ministry in partnership with the Italian Embassy. Previous partnership projects included a task force to detect pathogens, namely phytoplasma .

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