First Level Course by National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters - April 3/7, 2017

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The National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters, part of the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce, was founded in 1983 Imperia thanks to initiative of the local Chamber of Commerce and the vision of a group of highly experienced tasters.

These tasters, who had gained an in-depth knowledge of olive oil flavours and aromas-during their work in the olive oil industry in Imperia, one of the most historic centres of olive oil in Italy, wished to protect and enhance the value of that important technical and cultural patrimony they had developed: the art of olive oil tasting.

ONAOO doesn’t just train people to taste olive oil. Thanks to its unbiased position in the olive oil world, and its high degree of scientific rigour, the school represents a place for sharing experiences and, debates about olive oil, and for defending the quality of olive oils worldwide. Our solid culture keep alive the theoretic and material knowledge, open to all.

First Level Course: April 3/7, 2017

Contact: Tel 0183 76.74.12 – Fax 0183 76.52.03 – Mail
Organization: Barbara Ricca Secretariat –
Panel Leader: Marcello Scoccia –
Scientific Advisor: Mauro Amelio –
Venue: Chamber of Commerce I.A.A. – Via T. Schiva 29, 18100 Imperia


Purpose: The course is held in accordance with the Attachment No. 12 of the European Community Regulations No. 2568/91 and further modifications.
Issued Certificates: Participation Certificate (PC) and Sensory Qualification Certificate (SQC) upon selective trials success – one of the requirement to be enrolled to the National List of technician and specialist of virgin and extra-virgin olive oils.


  • Carlotta Pasetto: Sociologist, ONAOO Taster
  • Mauro Amelio: ONAOO Scientific Advisor, ONAOO Taster
  • Riccardo Gucci: Full Professor; Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment; University of Pisa (Italy)
  • Franco Macchiavello: Manager of the ICQRF Office of Genoa
  • Lanfranco Conte: University of Udine, Department of Food Science
  • Marino Giordani: Professor of Principles of Food and Wine, ONAOO Taster
  • Marcello Scoccia: ONAOO Panel Leader and Vice Technical President

Registrations are now opened for the First Level Course that will be held from the third to the seventh of April 2017

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