Filippo Berio's lawsuit of Olive Oil false advertising moves forward

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The consumers in a proposed class action lawsuit against the maker of Filippo Berio olive oil have filed a motion in support of their class certification in a lawsuit that accuses the company of false advertising.

The plaintiffs say that Salov North America Corp., makers of Filippo Berio olive oil, misquoted the lead plaintiff’s testimony and wrongly claimed she was precluded from representing the Class because she was acquainted with a member of class counsel.

In her motion of support for class certification, lead plaintiff Rohini Kumar claimed that “Salov cherry-picks from Plaintiff’s deposition answers to suggest that she may not have purchased a bottle of its olive oil.” Kuhar also claimed that Salov inappropriately attacked her personal character and class counsel.

“While Salov argues that the dictionary definition of ‘imported from’ supports it, there will still need to be a class-wide decision of whether the phrase is likely to mislead reasonable consumers,” Kumar stated in her support for class certification.

In March, Salov filed a claiming that Kumar could not establish that a Class of California consumers misunderstood that “imported from Italy” meant that the Filippo Berio olive oil was only made from Italian olives. Salov also claimed there was no evidence to support that Kumar interpreted the phrase that way either.

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