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Similar to a cheat sheet, or CliffsNotes, the Joint Explanatory Statement of the Committee of Conference offers a walk-through of the behind-the-bill positions underlying the iterations of the Farm Bill.

Although the Agricultural Act of 2014 signed by President Obama last week makes no reference to olive oil, the Act’s accompanying explanatory statement calls for action on the olive oil front.
The report calls upon the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Trade Representative and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to review the U.S. International Trade Commission report on olive oil competiveness completed last year and “remove the obstacles that are preventing the U.S. olive oil industry from reaching its potential.”

In addition, the Statement urges the USDA to assess whether a marketing order for olive oil would be a viable solution to protect consumers, domestic growers and importers.

In the 186-page congressional document attached to the bill, several pages were devoted to the olive oil industry. Read more atOliveOilTimes

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