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EVA was invited to present its program at the International Olive Council (IOC) Advisory Committee on Olive Oil and Table Olives meeting focusing on quality strategies and certification programs. The meeting took place in Madrid on 25 October 2013.

The history and fundamentals of EVA were presented by Santiago Botas, EVA’s Mediterranean coordinator. The presentation covered the background of EVA including the formation of the association in October 2011 under the working title World Olive Oil Quality Alliance (renamed Extra Virgin Alliance in early May 2012). The principles and primary activities of EVA to were summarized. The voluntary, global membership of EVA—as well as its non-­political, market-­oriented nature—serve to set it apart from the many regional and national bodies in olive oil.

“Gaea is committed to delivering genuine quality Greek foods to markets around the globe. We are happy to work with producers and experts from other places to present a united solution to the supply chain and to consumers who seek high quality extra virgin olive oil,” commented Aris Kefalogiannis of Gaea, Greece.

The EVA Mark of Quality and Authenticity uses off-­the-shelf testing of member oils to provide consumers with a meaningful assurance of quality. EVA members agree to this third party testing to verify compliance with the EVA Minimum Quality Standard up until the Best Before Dte. Dr.
Richard Cantrill, head of the EVA Technical Committee, describes “EVA, a cooperation of producers, supply chain managers and analysts meeting expectations through the application of exacting standards.”

The EVA Mission is to improve the value of extra virgin olive oil for everyone in the chain: from producer to purveyor to consumer. Education for the supply chain, food
professionals and consumers is a critical component in accomplishing this. EVA producer Rosa
Vañó of Castillo de Canena summarized it, “EVA will contribute decisively
to make the 21st Century consumerunderstand, assess and therefore choose extra virgin olive oil
as the only one that combines gastronomic experience with greater health.”

EVA is a non-­profit trade association representing producers of genuine extra virgin olive oil from around the world. This global group was brought together by Paul Miller and Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne who have been working on matters of olive oil quality and authenticity for any years. EVA comprises olive oil producers, experts and associates in eleven countries on six continents.

on the futured image: Santiago Botas, Jean Louis Barjol, Paul Miller
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