EXTRASCAPE - International Competition for the best EVOO from a quality olive growing landscape

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The competition is divided into the following categories:

• best light fruity extra virgin olive oil;

• best medium fruity extra virgin olive oil;

• best intense fruity extra virgin olive oil;

• best light extra virgin olive oil from organic farming;

• best medium extra virgin olive oil from organic farming;

• best intense extra virgin olive oil from organic farming;

Great Extrascape Award

Among the seven above listed categories, all extra virgin olive oils of the world that have a commercial packaging (packaged and labeled in accordance with the law) may participate.

They are not allowed flavored oils or oils that contain different ingredients than just olive oil.

The categories for the landscape are:

• best olive growing traditional landscape;

• best modern, contemporary and innovative olive growing landscape.


Participants must send the following documents by mail – or other certifying carriers within 12 p.m. of may 31 2015 at the following address:

Segreteria Organizzativa Concorso Internazionale Extrascape, Az. Agricola Di Vito, C.da Cocciolete 10, 86042 Campomarino – Molise – ITALIA

The registration form attached to the announcement, duly completed

The descriptive card attached to the announcement, duly completed and the required documentations;

The receipt of the registration fee.

N. 3 bottles for every type of extra-virgin olive oil in its commercial box

On the envelope there must be clearly written the title of the competition: EXTRASCAPE – International Competition for the best extra virgin olive oil and the best oil landscape.

The registration fee is € 60.00 (sixty euros) for the first extra virgin olive oil sample to be registered and € 60.00 (sixty euros) for any other sample presented by the same manufacturer.

The registration fee covers the administrative and secretarial expenses, the cost of the panel and the jury.

The producer should take care of the shipment of his products.

All participants will receive a confirmation of registration through the e-mail address indicated.

The extra virgin olive oils not in accordance with the payment of registration fees will not be accepted for the competition.


After verifying the competition registration with all the documents that accompany the sample and after verifying the compliance of the sample to all applicable regulations:

• oils will be made anonymous and subjected to selective tasting by the Larino panel, and then by the evaluating jury according to a specific card of evaluation by a system based on points (0 to 100 points).

• Landscapes will be assessed with particular reference to the following parameters:

intrinsic level of naturalness,

presence of elements of particular natural note,

degree of structural complexity,

shape of cultivated field,

degree of functionality of agro-ecosystem deduced from the firm structure,

level of ecosystem diversity,

level of species diversity,

genetic diversity of olive,

degree of human and cultural manipulation,

compatibility and integration of contemporary interventions,

innovative solutions relating to landscaping and architecture created,

quality of architecture ‘olive trees’,

quality of ground accommodation,

presence of minor elements of the landscape,

rural artifacts,

sustainability of the productivity model.

The jury will evaluate in accordance to a specific evaluation card with a system based on points (0 to 100).

The minimum threshold for admission to the final selection is made by the score of 60/100 for the oil and 60/100 for the landscape.

The assessments can be made by distinguishing between different types of landscape.

The winning company will be the one that scored the highest score in reasonable balance between the two parameters (with a differential gap of no more than 20 points).

In addition the jury could assign a special merit to the company which has showed the best quality of building measures in its landscape.

Article 8: THE JURY

The organization will appoint a mixed jury according to the experience and the interest demonstrated towards the extra virgin olive oils and the scientific and professional experiences concerning the landscape. The jury will be composed of eleven members: one Chairman, 5 members for the oil and 5 members for the landscape. The jury’s works will be valid with the presence of at least 7 members. Members of the organizational committee will not be part of the jury.


All participants will be promptly informed on the results of the competition. The winners will receive a plaque (or similar official recognition) and a certificate that will validate the gains.


The jury may propose the award of certain products or landscapes according to criteria not strictly numeric.


The organizing committee has the right to conduct analytical controls about the winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils by sending a sample to a laboratory to certify the trading compliance. A sample of every winning oils winners will be retained for 90 days to be possibly controlled.

Three months after the competition, all the stored samples will be used in schools, academies or similar.

The participant is responsible for all the details on the registration form and the organizing Committee has the right to verify its authenticity. In the event of a dispute the original samples retained by the Committee will be tested.

In the event of litigation, the sole place of jurisdiction is in Campobasso apart from the participant nationality .

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