EXTRASCAPE - International Competition for the best EVOO from a quality olive growing landscape

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The competition is organized by Extrascape Consortium, constituted by MolisExtra Association and San Martino in Pensilis Administration.

The aim of this Consortium is to “develop actions oriented to promote, communicate, protect, education, research, experiment and enhance the landscape. With this word, landscape, we understand the cultural, historical, environmental, gastronomic, artistic heritage and all the wealth and peculiarity that we can find in it and that it represented.

The competition is realize in cooperation with Molise Region and Campobasso provincial administration, with the support of the Research Landscape Unit of the Department of Architecture and Design of University “La Sapienza” of Rome, the Department of Science and Technology for the Environment and Territory, University of Molise, and the Department of Science and Technology for Agriculture, Forestry, Nature and Energy, University of Tuscia and with the support of Corpo Forestale dello Stato

The official languages for the international competition are Italian and English.

Article 2: GOALS

EXTRASCAPE is an international competition organized to achieve the following objectives:

• award the best extra virgin olive oils from all over the world;

• award and enhance the olive oil landscape as an important element of the territory in terms of agronomic, economic, touristic and cultural importance;

• promote the link between olive cultivation and territory;

• promote the exceptional qualities of extra virgin olive oil produced in different countries in the international market;

• establishing a network of relationships around the olive landscape also in collaboration with existing associations;

• encourage and promote the development of oil tourism especially in the main oil producing regions of Italy;

• Promote the winning enterprises with potential importers in international markets and media.

Article 3: STEPS

The competition is divided into the following phases:

1. Registration of the participating companies on the base of the following Article 6;

2. Shipment of the samples by the producers, following the instruction on Article 6;

3. Oil evaluation:

. Questa prima fase sarà effettuata da una giuria di assaggiatori professionisti presso il panel di Larino, con valutazione indicativa secondo i metodi del Consiglio Oleicolo Internazionale (COI).

Preselection of the olive oil received by an independent panel, different of the competitions jury. This first taste of the extra-virgin olive oils is used for eliminate the oil with a relevant defect.

This step will perform by a jury of professional tasters in the panel of Larino, with an indicative assessment on the base of the methods of the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC).

4. Landscape assessment:

examination of the documentation produced and first selection of the landscapes which are not compromised by incongruous actions and / or environmental detractors;

5. Comparative evaluation of oil and landscape.

6. Individual and comparative assessments, will be processed by a mixed jury made up of professional tasters, chefs, journalists, disciplinary experts, agronomist, economists, landscape architects, who will jointly evaluate oils and landscapes and classify them by giving a score according to the procedures provided in the below Article 9;

7. Awards ceremony on June 7, 2015


The competition is open to all producers of extra virgin olive oil in individual and / or associated way.

Since the relationship between product and landscape is essential as its principal characteristics, all the competitors must accurately show, explain and demonstrate the territorial provenience of his product.

In addition the competitors must accurately show, explain and demonstrate the whole company, with particular attention to the architectonic products (residential or for service) and/or the mill and all the buildings that are needed to the production

It is expected a special award to the architectonical quality in its landscape.

Italian extra virgin olive oils regularly labeled are allowed, both DOP and not DOP, with their relatives landscapes.

For foreign oil without indication of origin recognized (recognized geographical area (DOP, IGP, IG, AOC, AOP, DOP, IGP, DOG, DOP, IPG)), the producers are committed to provide a chemical analysis of free fatty acid not older than 120 days from the date of submission of the sample. To be considered as an extra virgin olive oil, the level of free fatty acids should not exceed 0.8% and the index of peroxides below 20 ( Reg CE 2568/91 and subsequent amendments ).

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