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Lesvos, Greece – On a Greek island tucked away in the Mediterranean Sea, an award-winning, single estate extra virgin organic olive oil brand with a socially responsible vision dealing with deforestation and climate change was born.

εvo3 stands for extra virgin organic olive oil. However, εvo3 is also a story. A prefix for evolution, it is something that begins and ends with a journey.

Our story began in World War II, where Ioannis Kamatsos, farmer and father of five, bore the winters and fought off starvation to produce olive oil, his most precious commodity.

He would take his oil in the middle of the night, in a small fishing boat crossing the Aegean Sea to the mainland, evading German and Italian soldiers, risking his life for his family’s, in order to trade his valuable olive oil for food and supplies, enough to keep his family alive. This is what saved himself and his family.

After his passing of old age, his son, George Kamatsos, bore his own journey, immigrating to the United States by himself when he became of legal age, trading his father’s olive trees for knowledge in medicine.

After 27 years, his return to his native island brought a rush of emotions to pick up where his father had abruptly stopped. He put every ounce of his passion to reinvigorate the ever-forgiving olive trees and to continue producing the mesmerizing juice of the olive.

Transforming the production to organic cultivation using sustainable methods, he also continued to use the traditional methods that he learned from his father.

This knowledge is now being passed on to his youngest son, Stratis Kamatsos, who is creating his own journey, taking the family olive oil and established the brand εvo3.

However, the journey of the olive oil does not end there. By creating a social enterprise, the olive oil continues to evolve into a story of its own.

The heart of εvo3 is its concept. For every bottle sold, a tree will be planted in a deforested area, either in Africa or Greece, while creating employment for people in impoverished areas in Africa. The olive trees and oil can tell stories from at least three generations ago, yet it continues to give life in its own way through its evolution.

As for the quality of the oil? Having been awarded the silver medal at the New York International Olive Oil Competition, it is a natural blend of aromatic sensations, touching all your senses. Made only from native types of olives, the oil brings the characteristics of the olives together to form a velvety, fresh olive flavor with a piquant aftertaste. It’s an exquisite tasting oil with a story to tell.

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