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Small bending extra virgin prices in Spain where trade is affected significantly by the quality of offer but also in reason of the internal drop in consumption that occurred in January. Particularly regarding the virgin and lampante, whose prices had slightly small bending  . Enhanced remain prices contrary to Italy for all classes and leads to depletion of extra virgin. Constants prices in Greek olive oil market.

8th wk. (February) 2015  price downturn in Spain keeps the upward trend in Italy2015-02-25_February

A = 3rd week in January 2015 B = 3rd week 2014 C =% change in price on the 2014, 3rd previous D =% change in prices for the same week of 2014 Sources:Ismea, Camere di Commercio Italiane, Sistema de informacion de precios en origen del mercato de contado dell’aceide de oliva. Olimerca. ladikalamatiano

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