Expoliva 2015 exceeds forecasts and becomes the best ever

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The seventeenth edition of the International Fair of Olive Oil and Allied Industries, held from 6 to 9 May at the Provincial Trade Fair and Congress Center of Jaen under the slogan “Olive landscape, Humanity Heritage” comes hopeful for a sector that has not been immune to the crisis.

For four intense days, Expoliva become again a truly global epicenter of the olive sector and olive oil and related industries: olive oil machinery, cooperatives and mills, fertilizers, packaging and distribution… Since its first edition in 1983, the International Olive Oil and Allied Industries Fair has grown exponentially in the number of exhibitors, professionals and services and visitors who tour their facilities. The great interest in this biennial event is perfectly reflected in the high rate of recruitment: with six months to go, the sample had completed 85% occupancy, highlighting the high percentage of exhibitors who repeated presence at the fair.
José Castro
On the last day of Expoliva, from fairs Jaén has made the balance of this year with figures exceeding expectations already optimistic. A 280 exhibitors and over 500 brands present, add an influx of public Expoliva making 2015 the best ever.

On balance, given by José Castro, president of the Board of Trade Jaen and Sebastian Quiros, Chief of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment and Executive Chairman of the Foundation of the olive grove, has specified that “adding expectations that the organization manages to Saturday at 38.543 registered visitors until Friday, it is estimated that their closure, have passed through Expoliva between 48,000 and 50,000 people. They are overcome, thus the 47,824 visitors to the previous edition. ”

He has also been an improvement over 2013 in terms of international presence. They spend 25 to 31 international companies present as exhibitors from Germany, Argentina, Slovenia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia and Turkey. And if the rise in visitors is slight, as foreign professionals, the improvement is spectacular. They have risen from 2,600 in 2013-3353 to this issue and if we go back to 2011, the increase is 300%. These come from 40 different countries, including Argentina, China, Chile, Ghana, India, Mexico, Poland, Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay, among others.

The media coverage of Expoliva was also very important 113 accredited media (101 in 2013) and 378 national and international journalists (342 in 2013).

The organizers are extremely satisfied with data that are “the result of hard work by parties Jaén Fairs” as José Castro said. Do not forget that in this issue, “have increased the number of spaces available, increasing the tent, putting a new exhibition area and increased space Total Foreign Pavilion”.

Aware of the importance of exports for the sector’s development, from the beginning Expoliva 2015 was designed to enhance this aspect. “Importantly importing companies who attended Expoliva 2015 are different from those that we visited in 2013, with the ultimate goal of trying to open up the market to more and more countries and companies that know our oil extra virgin olive “said Jose Castro.

According to the chairman of the Board of Trade Jaen, “another big bets Expoliva and the main reason of this exhibition: to establish lines of business for participating companies, justify holding three trade missions, two more than in 2013” . These are the oil trade mission organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Linares, Jaén Provincial Council and IFEJA; machinery trade mission organized by Extenda and technology transfer trade mission, organized by the Department of Innovation.

In such missions they have been carried out a total of 520 meetings between buyers and sellers of oil, machinery and technology transfer. The purchasing companies came from 12 different countries and included 63 jiennenses selling companies. Jiennenses both producers and international buying companies have expressed their satisfaction about meetings that have qualified as the best they have attended.

With regard to scientific and technical symposium Sebastián Quirós he has spoken of a 14% increase in participants and a total of 210 papers, 5% more than in the previous edition. “Sometimes’ she added the delegate feelings are more important than the figures and after talking to the professionals, you are very positive.” Quiros has reaffirmed the importance of the Symposium follow linked to the trade fair, because “it is precisely this unique and specific character that has allowed to continue for seventeen editions Expoliva”.

Therefore, José Castro explained, “have established excellent contacts with visitors jiennenses countries and companies, which we hope will translate in the future into good business relations for our olive oil.” In conclusion, Castro said that “we have set the bar high and we must work hard to overcome the offer we have launched in Expoliva 2015”.


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