EVOOLEUM WORLD'S TOP100 EVOO Competition is now open for registration

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Competition, sponsored by Mercacei and AEMO, is already running. From today until January 25th 2016 individual producers, producer associations and production companies around the world can submit their EVOOs of the 2015/16 Campaign to participate in a Contest that will choose the best 100 extra virgin olive oils around the world. This competition has been created with the intention of becoming the best and most rigorous international contest regarding quality of extra virgin olive oils.

But this is only the beginning. The best 100 EVOOs in the world, sorted according to their score in the competition, will be presented at the EVOOLEUM Guide. WORLD’S TOP100 EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS, published in English and of annual periodicity, which will be distributed at major fairs and events in the olive sector, as well as gourmet and delicatessen stores, bookstores and specialist outlets spread around the five continents.

EVOOLEUM WORLD’S TOP100 EVOOs Competition will have two distinguishing factors: Rules that guarantee the most objective, rigorous and independent process of valuation and classification of samples; and Tasting Panel formed by the most prestigious international experts.

The different categories established in the contest will allow consumers to know which are the best EVOOs in the world attending to their organoleptic characteristics, origin, olive varieties, Protected Designation of Origin or packaging, without forgetting the organic oils.

Therefore, the following awards in different categories will be established: Award for Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which will be the one who obtains the highest absolute score; EVOO TOP 3, the best three EVOOs in total score (whose image will serve to illustrate the cover of the Guide); Best Green Fruitiness and Best Ripe Fruitiness (as the category of fruitiness); Best Intense Fruitiness, Best Medium Fruitiness and Best Light Fruitiness (as the intensity of fruitiness); Best of each country, considering only those countries presenting five or more samples (depending on the origin); Best Monovarietal, also considering only those olive varieties that have five or more samples; Best Southern Hemisphere and Best Northern Hemisphere; Best Ecologic Oil in the categories of Intense Fruitiness, Medium and Light; Special Award for the Best Protected Designation of Origin, which will be the one whose three best oils add up more points than the rest of PDOs; Award for Best packaging, in the following categories: Best Design EVOO Premium (gourmet segment), Best innovative Design and Best Design in Retail (those oils oriented to the market sales in the retail area). In each of the three categories Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded.

The EVOOs submitted should come from a batch of at least 2,500 liters, stored in the oil mill and the candidate must maintain the oil in their facilities until at least 30 days after the closing of the competition notice. Each candidate may submit only one sample per trademark or type of oil.

How to register
The competition has its own website with versions in Spanish and English, www.evooleum.com/en, notable for its elegant design, simplicity, cleanliness and clarity. In it those interested can find detailed information about the competition and the contest as well as the registration form and composition of the Tasting Panel.

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