European olives feed biofuel innovation

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The university’s research team also points to the work they are doing on producing liquid fuels from biomass, and say this has the potential to allow the olive industry to run its transport vehicles on fuel produced from the olive residue. A gasification plant the team developed at Güssing, Austria, is already producing liquid fuels for vehicles.

“It’s a bio-refinery, that’s the idea. It’s renewables producing our fuels for the future,” says engineer Johannes Schmid. His aim, he says, is to demonstrate refineries do not have to burn fossil fuels.

Europe produces 80 million tonnes of olive oil pomace every year, according to the Phenolive project. If the scientists are successful, the venture could boost the olive growing industry and see costs, particularly for energy, significantly reduced.

On the featured image: Stefan Müller shows off the gasification plant at Vienna’s University of Technology
Article source DW

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