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Besides, experts will share recipes and tips on European cooking. There are also seminars to highlight the uses and benefits of various European foods; why olive oil is healthy in daily diet; and on EU various quality schemes at the Annapoorna Food Festival.
H.E. Dr João Cravinho, Ambassador of the European Union, said, “The EU produces a spectacular variety of quality food, from wines and spirits, olive oils, cheeses and other dairy products, to fresh and processed fruits and vegetables and many more. Few of these products have already become an integral part of the Indian kitchen. Through this campaign, we encourage the Indian consumer to add some EU flavours to their already rich culinary tradition!”

In agricultural trade, the EU is currently a modest partner for India, but one with big potential. EU exports to India over the last 10 years have been oscillating around € 250 – 300 million. On the other hand, the import of Indian agricultural produce into the EU currently stands at € 2.7 billion, of which a large part is accounted for by Basmati rice followed by coffee, fruit and nuts, vegetables and spices. Products such as olive oil, essential oils, sugars, chocolates, confectionery and prepared vegetable and meat constitute a large share of the EU’s agriculture-based exports to India.

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