Eleotechnia 2014 - Oenorama 2014, …are TOGETHER!! 7 - 10 March

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We decided to organize the two exhibitions in the same exhibition centre to assist the competitiveness, to promote the partnerships with further profit for companies and the business sectors of olive oil and wine.

6th ELEOTECHNIA 2014, Olive oil and edible olives expo
12th OENORAMA 2014, Wine and spirits expo

7 – 10 March, Former West Airport expo centre, Elliniko, Athens-Greece

Same date, same exhibition center. The business sectors of olive oil and wine together now.

As exhibitors will be companies in packaged of olive oil, wine production, packaging, bottling, olive and olive oil processing machinery, winemaking equipment. This year, is planned dynamic communication with entrepreneurs and companies in Greece and abroad.


During the Mediterranean exhibition 6th Eleotechnia 2014 which is dedicated to a healthy and proper diet with extra virgin olive oil, in collaboration with all stakeholders in the olive sector, announces the 6th Gold Aristion 2014 Extra Virgin Olive Oil awards a) Gold Aristion 2014, upper extra virgin olive oil, b) Silver Aristion, c) Bronze Aristion

Fill the participation form here: Eleotexnia
Email: info@eleotexnia.gr

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