Dutch supermarkets have boycotted Bertolli olive oil

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According to the International Olive Council, production is at its lowest in 15 years and prices from producers have more than doubled, up 121% in December 2014 compared to a year earlier.

Olive oil prices paid to producers more than doubled during 2014 after a perfect storm of factors devastated European and North African olive crops.

Dutch supermarkets Jumbo and C1000 have boycotted Bertolli olive oil following a pricing row. The products’ delisting has lasted several weeks, after the manufacturers failed to reach an agreement on price with the retailers, both of which are part of the Jumbo Supermarkets Group.

“We can confirm that currently some products of Bertolli (olive oil) are not sold by Jumbo, following some conversations that we have with these suppliers on the purchasing conditions,” said Jumbo spokesperson ClaireTrügg.

“At Jumbo, we guarantee our customers the lowest price. Therefore, we want to have the best possible price, where our customers can benefit from. Until then, we offer a suitable alternative for these products, such as our own Jumbo brand,” she said.

No one from Bertolli olive oil’s parent company Deloleo responded to a request for comment on the disagreement, but olive oil prices have skyrocketed after the European olive industry was hit last year by unusual weather, bacterial blight, insects and large flocks of starlings, which destroyed swathes of the crop.

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