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Vinar Argentina SA and Italian expert taster and Antonio G. Lauro organized between 13 and 17 May in Palermo (Italy) the Domina International Olive Oil Contest (D-IOOC), founded in order to promote and develop the sector of high quality extra virgin olive oil with the aim of combining olive oil and healthy eating and nutrition and to inform consumers about the health benefits.

The competition received 327 oils from 21 countries and counted of a jury of 16 experts from 10 countries: Italy, Argentina, Portugal, Turkey, Uruguay, United States, Brazil, Greece, Israel, Peru, Australia, Slovenia, Malta and South Africa.

Domina International Olive Oil Contest (D-IOOC), brought together many events into one. Besides the competition, there were training sessions, an international conference, guided tastings by important international tasters, and a playful side to the city that will host the international contest: Palermo; all these elements that embellish the world of oil production.

D-IOOC contest is open annually to growers, producers, mills, cooperatives and social cooperatives and producer organisations, associations of producers, bottlers, traders (exporters, importers and traders of olive oil) and packers.


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