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In October 2015, the Domina Milano Fiera, will be officially presented a new idea that will revolutionize the world of international competitions of extra virgin olive oil.

This time, the center of the scene, Italy the great oils copyright.

Name revealed: Domina International Olive Oil Contest (D-IOOC), which brings together so many events into one. Besides the competition, there will be training sessions, an international conference, guided tastings by large tasters world, and a playful side to the city that will host the International contest: Palermo; all these elements that embellish the new event world oil production.

Organized by Vinar Argentina SA and Antonio G. Lauro Italy Domina, Domina competition International Olive Oil Contest was founded in order to promote and develop the sector of extra virgin olive oil of high quality and with the aim to combine the olive oil olive oil to healthy eating and nutrition, and to inform about the benefits to the health of consumers.

The olive oil taster and consultant Antonio Lauro has for years believed that Southern Italy — including the famous olive oil-producing regions such as Calabria, Apulia and Sicily — was in need of its very own high-profile olive oil competition.

Now he says it will have just that, with Lauro at the helm of the new Domina International Olive Oil Contest (D-IOOC) to be held from May 13-17, 2016 in Palermo, Sicily.


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