Discovering DOP olive oil in the land of Siena

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The ‘Terre di Siena DOP olive oil’ is characterized by a very fruity taste, with bitter and spicy notes, a light green tending to yellow colour, low acidity, up to 0.5% (in the organic version, the acidity is even lower and does not exceed 0.2%). As it happens for the best scents, the Terre di Siena DOP oil, too, has its endnotes, which in this case smell of dried fruit, green apple, artichoke, and tomato leaves.

It is rigorously produced with olives directly picked from the tree not later than December 31st, stored in suitable cool and ventilated rooms for no more than three days from picking, and processed within twenty-four hours after their arrival in the oil mills.

A so intense, but at the same time delicate oil, gives the utmost gastronomic satisfaction when used raw, in order to flavour salads and typical Tuscan soups prepared with beans, chickpeas, lentils.

It is an essential ingredient on vegetable soups with bread, in cold pasta salads, and olive oil with pepper and salt in which raw vegetables are dipped. In order to taste and appreciate its full-body and refined flavour, the best way is on ‘bruschetta’, consisting in large slices of white bread, grilled and rubbed with fresh garlic, seasoned with abundant oil.

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