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Mercurio adds, “When we introduce consumers to true extra virgin olive oil through tasting, you can see the wheels begin to turn in terms of food and cooking. There is a marked difference in taste between artisan olive oils and most of what you will find in grocery stores.

We find that once someone has tasted a high quality olive oil, they are inspired to try new recipes and often share their recipes with us.”

The recipe contest was born out of that mutual sharing at We Olive tasting rooms. Mercurio says that consumers that were new to artisan olive oil will often return to tell how they used a favorite olive oil and how they shared olive oils with their friends and family.

We Olive Culinary Projects Editor Emily Davis says “Some of our best recipe ideas have come from our guests. We’re constantly trading ideas with regulars in our tasting rooms or wine bars. What better way to encourage this new food community than with a little friendly competition?”

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