Crete City of Rethymno Hosts Olive Oil Marketing Meet

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An interesting cross-border collaborative effort in between Crete and Cyprus is being held in the city of Rethymno on Crete Oct. 1. An all important workshop to “Promoting marketing of oil” will see formulators, mills, merchants and producers discuss how best to collectively upgrade their products.

Organized by SEDIK, the Region of Crete and the Municipality of Rethymno, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture of Cyprus, these meetups will greatly enhance cooperation between these top producing regions. Some 100 plus representatives are expected to take part in the workshop. Some topics of discussion include:

The identification of problems and opportunities that currently exist in the marketing of olive oil in bulk, and standard
Trends and perspectives formed today on the key foreign markets
The presentation of the actions and effects of local and national institutions to promote exports of olive oil
Development of the role of PDO / PGI and dietary patterns in olive oil exports.
The analysis of quality requirements for exports of olive oil in EU and third countries
The presentation of administrative and Banking operations and financial capabilities to export oil
For those unfamiliar, Crete olives are world renown and have been an important export of the Island since the time of the Minoans in the Bronze Age. Of the roughly 150,000 tons of olive oil produced on Crete, only 10% is consumer on the Island. The rest of this key agricultural product is shipped around the world, and represents about one third of the gross annual incomes of Cretans.

Participants in the workshop are to be offered copies of the book “Traditional Cretan Diet” , which was recently issued by the SEDIK. For more information on this olive oil marketing workshop readers may call: 28210 50800 or Email: info@Sedik.GR


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