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OliveOilMarket.eu is an e-Marketplace which helps olive oil companies to get new suppliers or buyers for their products and is the most-read source of news, reviews and analysis on this fascinating subject.

Company OliveOilMarket was launched as New Business Project on January 25th 2013 by MANBIZ ISP.
MANBIZ ISP is the publisher of the e-Marketplace website www.oliveoilmarket.eu.

OliveOilMarket’s Mission Statement is:
1. To organize Greek Olive Oil Industry information and make it universally accessible and useful.

2. Become recognized and trusted in global high-end olive oil industry market.

3. To help Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Export Companies from Greece promote their Olive Oil business online.

4. To provide up to date educational information for Olive Oil consumers.

OliveOilMarket as company has Marketing & Advertising Division:

Through its B2B e-marketplace website www.OliveOilMarket.eu, based on the modern Internet technology, which helps olive oil companies from over the world to get new suppliers or buyers for their products and serves them as a valuable sales leads generator and the most-read source of olive oil news, reviews and analysis .

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